BP1000 Banded Ear Pads
Pyramex BP1000 banded ear pads with replacement pads, sold individually. (40 pair/box.)
DP1001 Corded Taper Fit Disposable Plug
DP1001 Corded taper fit disposable plug -NRR 31db - sold by the pair. (100 pair/box) ANSI S3 19-…
DPD1001 Corded Metal Detectable Disposable Earplugs
DPD1001 Corded metal detectable disposable earplugs, sold by pair (100/pair per box)
Ear Muff Set Optime 98
The Optime 98 is one of the most versatile earmuffs in industry today as it delivers the proper…
EPC12 Black Plastic Clips
Pyramex EPC12 Black plastic clips -Use with plastic or cloth corded ear plugs EPC12 Features:…
Uncorded Taper Fit Disposable Plug
DP1000 un-corded taper fit disposable plug -NRR 31db - Sold in pairs. (100 pair/box) Meets ANSI S3…