BP1000 Banded Ear Pads
Pyramex BP1000 banded ear pads with replacement pads, sold individually. (40 pair/box.)
BP2000 Banded Conical Earplugs
BP2000 Banded Conical earplugs with replacement pads. Sold individually. (40 pair/box)
Corded Reusable Metal Detectable Earplugs
RPD2001 Corded Reusable metal detectable earplugs- NRR 23 - sold by the pair. (100 pair/box) Meets…
DP1001 Corded Taper Fit Disposable Plug
DP1001 Corded taper fit disposable plug -NRR 31db - sold by the pair. (100 pair/box) ANSI S3 19-…
DPD1001 Corded Metal Detectable Disposable Earplugs
DPD1001 Corded metal detectable disposable earplugs, sold by pair (100/pair per box)
Ear Muff Set -105
These high attenuation earmuffs feature a unique double shell design, with two ear cups connected…
EPC12 Black Plastic Clips
Pyramex EPC12 Black plastic clips -Use with plastic or cloth corded ear plugs EPC12 Features:…
Replacement pads for BP1000
Pyramex RBP1 Replacement pads for BP1000, 12 pair per poly bag, 25 poly bags per case. (Pads only)
RP2001 Re-usable, Corded Ear Plug
RP2001 Corded triple flange re-useable plug- NRR 23db - sold by pair. (100 pair/box.) ANSI S3.19-…
Uncorded Taper Fit Disposable Plug
DP1000 un-corded taper fit disposable plug -NRR 31db - Sold in pairs. (100 pair/box) Meets ANSI S3…
Lens Cleaning Canister
Canister with 100 lens cleaning tissues
Cortez Clear Lens/Black Frame Safety Glasses
-Single lens design provides maximum protection. -Offers protection from excessive glare. -Scratch-…