Cap light on white hard hat and inset of light in charger
Single Unit Flare Desk Charger
Cap light on black hard hat - close-up view 1
Cap light on white hard hat - back view
Cap light on white hard hat and inset of light in charger
Xerebrus Light with Charger
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Flare-XM-1 Cordless Cap Lamp MSHA Approved with Single Unit Desk Flare Charger

The Flare-XM-1 is a rugged cordless cap lamp with the latest Lithium battery technology and high-power LED. (Charger sold separately)

The lamp features two power settings for main lighting and emergency lighting. With light output of 3000 lux on mai power, this lamp is suitable for most mining environments where safety and efficiency are the primary objective. The lamp is highly shock resistant and water
resistant to a depth of three feet. The lamp is ideal for a 12 hour shift with 3000 lux of light on the main power setting and a maximum discharge time of 14 hours. In addition, the lamp is light and comfortable weighing only 4.6
ounces – the lightest lamps available. 2-step switch (main or emergency light)

Approvals and Specifications:

MSHA Approval Number 19-A100002-0
Battery Type Lithium 3.7V, 2.8Ah
Charging Time < 7 hours
Working duration, main power > 14 hours
Working duration, emergency power > 36 hours
Light Output, main power > 3000 lux**
Light Output, emergency power > 350 lux
Weight 4.6 oz
Operating Temperature - 4° to +140° F