About Us

PIONEER-SUPPLY.COM is the Coal Miner’s Portal on the web. This site is run by coal miners, for coal miners.

In our experience, coal miners have to go to 10 different stores, miles apart, to find everything they need to do their jobs. The internet has been no easier- go to one site for tools, another place for clothes, then boots, belts… you know how this works- you live it!

Pioneer Supply in Madisonville, Kentucky tried to change all that. In our retail store, we have tried to make a one-stop mining shop. Unlike anywhere else, a miner can feel at home surrounded by a display of mining antiques, pictures of our customers’ parents and grandparents in the mines, and other customers who mine coal too. There is a full selection of what you need- all in one place. We have all types of gloves, glasses, mining boots, belts, cap lamps, reflective clothing, tools, stickers, gifts, and plenty more so you can take pride in your work.

Opened on February 1, 2006, Pioneer Supply has done nothing but grow. Thanks to our customers and their feedback, our product lines have expanded to assure that we keep whatever a coal miner needs on our shelves, including LOW PRO- the best in low coal mining hardhats and more.

A few years ago, we launched the first PIONEER-SUPPLY.COM website to help those miners who can’t get to our retail store. Most of the products you would find in Pioneer Supply can be purchased online and sent straight to your place. Even if you happen to live near Madisonville or have a store that sells mining stuff near your house… you are a coal miner. We all know that means long hours on different shifts- by the time you are done working, you want to spend time with your family or get some rest- PIONEER-SUPPLY.COM lets you shop for what you need- when you get around to it. PIONEER-SUPPLY.COM never stops working so you can do what you gotta do.

We continue to add new products every day, so if there is something that you need to do your job or express your Coal Miner Pride, and you don’t find it here- let us know and we will try to add it to our store. We are always interested in your feedback on our store and our products, so if you have something that we need to know- send us an e-mail and we will do our best to take good care of you.

You keep mining America’s energy and we’ll keep taking care of you.


COPYRIGHT - Pioneer Supply, January 15, 2012