Indura FR Coverall


INDURA FRC flame resistant, 100% cotton fabrics are engineered to provide optimum performance for industrial thermal protective clothing. To achieve flame resistance, a proprietary treatment process includes applying a flame retardant chemical to the cotton which forms a long chain flame retardant polymer impregnated into the core of each cotton fiber. Garments made from INDURA FRC fabrics are guaranteed to be flame resistant for the life of the garment. INDURA FRC provides a cost effective alternative to traditional durable FR fabrics, with excellent protection against flame and electric arc. Gulfport INDURA Coveralls Special Features: 7 doublestitched pockets: 2 breast, 2 rear, 2 hip, 1 tool. Onepiece back (action back) Passthroughs Hammer loop Nonsparking brass zipper closure with snaps on lapel and wrists Lockdown safety stitching throughout w/ feld seam seat. All stress points bar tacked Elastic in waistband Meets or exceeds: NFPA 70E, 1971, 1975, 1977, ASTM F1506, ARC thermal performance tested, F1002continuous wear when intermittent exposure to molten metals are possible

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